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Certified & Licensed

Atlas Wealth Management Group, LLC is a registered investment advisor and resource for solid advice on your total financial picture.


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Current Tax Laws

The tax code is over 36,000 pages- when is the last time you read it?

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Exclusive Investments

Private Equity ownership in Real Estate and Companies with future potential.  These are the investments you have been looking for but you don't have access.

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Coordination of Tax Investment and Estate

We have professional affiliations with the nation’s top experts in the business of tax, estate, and investments.  We leverage these national affiliations locally with key professionals who keep current in their industry.

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Regular Contact and Updates

At the core of the experience is a 6 step process- a proactive system that resolves issue so that clients always know where they are, where they are going, and how they are going to get there.

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401k Participant Account Advice

Management of your individual participant account with your company 401k.  This may be the largest investment portfolio in your life.

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