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Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

| February 16, 2021

Jeff Bezos announced he is stepping down as CEO of Amazon, and that his replacement will be Andy Jassy, currently CEO of Amazon’s Web Services (AWS) division.  Although all consumers know Amazon is THE behemoth in global e‑commerce, it would no doubt be shocking to most to learn that AWS is the biggest profit center of the entire company.  Amazon’s most recent numbers revealed 2020 revenue of $386 billion.  While AWS made up only 12% of that revenue number, AWS’ very comfortable profit margins meant it made up almost 60% of Amazon’s total operating profit!  Under Jassy’s leadership AWS has become the clear global market leader, having captured almost one-third of the entire cloud computing market, and is more than 50% larger than second place Azure from Microsoft. (Chart from

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Jeffrey Cerny