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Worst Market Crashes in History

| October 07, 2019
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The month of October has experienced some of the worst market crashes in history.  The Bank Panic of 1907, Black Tuesday, Black Thursday, Black Monday that occurred in 1929, and Black Monday in 1987 - the great crash of 1987 that saw the Dow plummet 22.6% in a single day - all occurred in the month of October.  This year the market began the month with a decline of at least 1% in each of the major benchmarks, and the S&P 500 notched its worst daily loss since August 23rd.  You might think that a lousy start to October portends an even lousier whole month of October.  But it turns out that a lousy first day of October usually sets the stage for a decent October overall and even a decent fourth quarter.  Bespoke Investment Group produced the table below that documents this phenomenon.

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