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Debt elimination

How does your program work

Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. We want to spin the tables in your favor and put compound interest to work for you instead of the bank.  This is a modified version of snowballing debt that puts momentum in your favor and make you debt free for life.

Snowballing was made popular by the world-famous personal finance personality – Dave Ramsey.  But it has ONE major flaw.  What happens when your debt is paid off?  You’re debt-free? Correct.  But what happens when you want or need a new car?  What happens when you want to move to a bigger house for your family?  Or you need to borrow money for some unforeseen emergency?  You end up, right back in debt...again.  And you’re back to paying ridiculously high interest rates...again.

That’s where Debt Free 4 Life™ comes in...

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