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Exclusive Investments

Real wealth is created by owning a piece of something with future potential that will increase in value and cannot be diluted.  Most millionaires create wealth through investing in private companies and private real estate.

On client's behalf, Atlas will provide safekeeping/housekeeping/reporting of these assets for high net worth sophisticated investors who are able to determine the merits of these investments. 

Atlas Wealth Management Group has exclusive long-term relationships with established real estate asset management and development firms and angel investing groups. The management team has a "shark tank" spirit, keen business sense, and a unique ability to find and create great deals with resources to structure private placements and pooled investments. 

We work with but do not promote specific real estate assets, private equity or debt.  Investment advisors and private equity companies often do not agree on how money should be appropriated, which risks to take, and how to achieve the same financial goal.  The nuances of managing investments and private equity demand that anyone with such a diversified portfolio needs to be a sophisticated investor.